Month: February 2018

Internet Moneymaking Opportunities In The Education Industry

Although it should come as no surprise, there are a variety of ways for schools and educators to make money online. While the opportunities are endless, one recent concept has emerged, and thats the notion of selling goods and services through an educational auction and freelance network.

One of the more obvious ways that schools and educators can make money is by selling their unwanted materials and supplies online. The best way to get paid is through a trustworthy educational exchange website, where its free to list items, and a small fee is taken only when the item sells. You can sell items on behalf of the school, an individual, or a preschool or daycare.

If your colleagues are too busy to deal with selling their unwanted educational items, you can always assist them by listing their items for them, and then taking a percentage of their cut.

Educators and professionals can sell their services through the same educational networking website. By listing your areas of expertise, you can get hired to do the jobs that other educational professionals just dont have the time to complete.

You dont have to limit your moneymaking potential to selling goods and services you can also make money by being an affiliate. The gist of being an affiliate is that you indirectly promote the educational exchange site by sharing the link with interested parties and vendors. You receive money whenever your referral results in a transaction during the first year.

Why shouldnt schools and teachers make money in any way they can? You certainly cant depend upon your state and local government for additional help. Beyond selling magazines and submarine sandwiches to raise money, there has to be other avenues.

You can generate revenue by thinking creatively and showcasing your goods and services on the Internet. Youll find an entire pool of buyers online that you never knew existed. When you specifically use an educational exchange auction site, you can buy and sell almost anything related to the field of education.

Whether its janitorial supplies, puzzles, or televisions, there is a school or classroom that needs exactly what you have. You simply have to connect with the schools that need your old electronics or gym equipment. Perhaps you even have something brand new that you never used. Whatever youve got, take the time to list your items for free on a reliable educational networking website as soon as possible. Dont wait any longer to earn some extra money.

Changes That Must Be Introduced In Our Education System

When a country introduces its educational plan it must see that it applies and caters to the local needs and aspirations of the country at large. In India the tragic appearance of education is clear because it does not really mean to our local needs.

The Education system that we are following today is the same system the English framed for Indians in the 19th century. They had planned it for us from their point of view as they needed a lot of babus for their offices in India. They never wanted to give Indians the education that would make them something higher than the babu. Now, from their point of view, the system was correct and viable. However, tredegy is that even after 50 years of independence, we still continue to follow the system of education framed by the English for us. We have never bothered to study the application and utility of the education we are imparting to our children.

After independence there has been a mushroom growth of schools and colleges but education remained at the level of 50% of the population. Then the moot point now is what has been the utility of these myriads of education homes that have grown in the last 50 years? The growth of these institutions has also been sporadic. Most cities and town have seen growth in the number of schools and colleges but the rural areas which consist of 70 80% of Indias population could not share with this growth.

This has resulted in the present precarious scenario. The cities and towns are producing millions of graduates and post graduates and even literacy is a matter of the future in our villages. What a huge gap in the progress of urban and rural areas. Besides this, what the towns are producing are also graduates and post graduates good nor nothing. Why because even after 5 years, a post graduate comes out of Institution he does not get employment.

It appears as if we have never studied the requirements of our country when we planned and changed our education system. We have never cared to understand what are we trying to produce? We are only producing an unemployable, disgruntled, unhappy generation. In a way I would say their disillusionment after education is quite understandable when, after 5 years of work and spending lot money they come out of the college and stand at the crossroads not knowing what to do next. We could not understand what we plan to give children by way of education?

Our education system needs a thorough overhaul which would relate to the requirement of our own country and not of the other countries. The first and foremost objective of education is to get a decent employment, if this is also not available then what have we done? We must instead of opening colleges for graduation open more institutions for vocational training. This, I suggest could very well take its birth at the school stage only. Instead of first memorizing subjects, more stress should be laid on extra curricular activities, which will automatically generate interest in the children for the fun they like. This fun of the school will further bloom into a vocation, when they enter a college of vocation or general studies as they like.

General studies should be compulsory till standard XII and after that, I feel vocation should be the training ground to prepare the children for jobs and assignments of employment.

Besides this, it is more important to lay greater stress on school education rather than on higher education. This is because, it is at the school level the child learns all his human behaviours which last him a lifetime. Higher education must be limited to those who are really interested in higher studies and who like to go to the teaching profession, all others should be diverted to centres of vocational training. This would help them in their profession after they complete their education.

The engineering and medical colleges should be only for meritorious students who can work and gain name and fame for themselves and do India proud.

So much for education in urban areas, let us not forget our rural areas because, India lives in villages. Unless we spread the fruits of progress to our villages the progress will be lop-sided and incomplete. In rural areas, literacy should be the target though at the same time, encouragement should be given to some brilliant children there also,m to enter the mainstream of urban development. In this way we will spread progress to villages instead of bringing villages to urban areas.

Thus, education, as it stands today is cumbersome and tiring for the children, and then frustrating and suicidal when they develop into adults. The world stands in front of them as a vacuum with nothing to offer. If we adapt our education asp per the needs of our countryment and our country, we will make a better turnout and create a better tomorrow.

Merits And Demerits Of Distance Education

Merits of Distance Education

The biggest advantage of getting enrolled in distance education course is that you get flexible studying hours. You need not to learn in four walled classrooms at strict schedules. You can choose your study timings as per your convenience and can do it with your work too. Another advantage is that you can choose any university from where you want to do your course. Almost all the universities of the world offer online courses and it is very easy to get admission in them. Also these programs are cheaper than regular classroom programs.

Demerits of Distance Education

The only disadvantage of taking online course is that you have to study on your own and you are responsible for completing your course. You will not be under continuous supervision and you have to regulate your working hours to study.

Centers of Distance Education

There are various educational establishments world wide which offer distance education courses to international students. These colleges design comprehensive and interactive curriculum for distance education students and take regular assessment tests. New York University, Utah State University , North Carolina State University etc are some of the institutes which have quality distance education programs. Many professionals and students tae online courses fro these institutes to take increase their qualifications and get higher jobs in their fields.

Utah state university is situated in Logan , Utah and was established in 1888. It offers various courses at graduate and post graduate level. It is composed of seven colleges which deal in numerous domains of career options. It provides financial aid to students in need and it also releases scholarship to meritorious students. It has luxurious hostels which provides all type of entertainment facilities for its students for their all round development.

Is School Equipment Important To A Child’s Education

School equipment is one of the most basic things that all schools require. Anything from learning materials such as stationery, exercise books or sports equipment to school furniture and facilities, and also safety and maintenance equipment. This article explores various opinions on school equipment and why it is important to learning.

Certain equipment, such as pencils, pens, or paper does need to be replenished on a frequent basis and are known as consumables. Other equipment such as tables or electricals tends to be much more expensive and there can be reluctance to replace them even when it is necessary. This is especially true now that schools are given very tight budgets from councils and the government.

According to a recent study carried out by BBCs Newsround, the news service for children across the UK, school equipment may not be fit for purpose. The study asked children their general opinions on the equipment and furniture they used. The responses were surprising: Almost all children reported serious problems. These ranged from broken, uncomfortable chairs, damaged tables, equipment that is unsuitable or too small. It seems as if headteachers do not realise how unhappy children are with the equipment they use which is a serious concern.

Another very recent debate about the quality of school buildings versus the quality of teaching was recently posted. The new education secretary Michael Grove announced that the new school building project and the BSF Building schools for the Future set up by the previous government would be cancelled to save money. But many people have argued that this means children will need to use outdated equipment in an educational setting, while others have said that the buildings as long as safe are effective enough. Whether they have considered the effect on existing furniture and equipment remains to be seen.

The recent credit crunch, recession and general lack of money in public sector spending may become a serious problem for schools with limited budgets. A typical budget for school equipment must be spread across everything from site equipment and maintenance to teaching material for children. While some of the material may still be adequate from the point of teachers, they may fall short of health and safety or quality standards set by UK and EU laws.

While the conditions of the buildings themselves are perhaps not the most important, unless of course they fall below the minimum standard, the equipment itself must always be fully functional and up to the minimum standard. School equipment can be purchased from large educational suppliers such as The Consortium. School equipment are some of the fundamental building blocks to a childs education, and combined with effective teaching can be a very important step for any child. Schools can save money by negotiating for bulk prices of items, especially expensive items such as educational furniture and searching for the best prices possible for any item. Any school budget, especially for schools which are having difficulties financially, should be carefully planned and set aside to be spent on items which need the most investment and replacement.

Online education helping people to nurture their dreams

Education helps to transform lives and this has been evident from time immemorial. In order to promote higher education among the masses, administrators and planners advocated the promotion of distance education. These courses were mainly conducted with the help of study centers and weekly or in certain case monthly classes and contact programs. With, the passage of time and the increase in the development of technology, particularly of the internet distance education appeared on the online format.

An increasing number of educational institutes, particularly the foreign universities are going for the online format. This will be particularly helpful for the technically qualified students.

Many traditional degrees are available in a new format and the online university courses are also offering various types of professional degrees. Some of the popular online degrees are mostly related to management and associated degrees, like
MBA in Finance
MBA in Marketing
Hospital Management
Travel & Tourism Management
Applied courses in Advanced Psychology
MBA in Human Resource Development

Apart from the above there are many more in the offing. Many newly setup universities are also offering some combined courses in order to help the students to diversify their career prospects.

Since the concept of online education is to diversify as well as seek some advancement in their career prospects. This very concept popularized the distance courses among the masses and it also helped in the promotion of the higher education. Technology has helped tremendously in the promotion of higher education and this is mainly through the online format. Some of the major technological advancements of education are,
Online classes
Flexible timing and fee structure
Choice of courses
More emphasis towards professional qualifications
Foreign and internationally recognized degree
Job opportunities abroad
Technical training opportunities
Apart from the above, the students can save a lot and it is also equally recognized as a regular degree.

Time is one of the major constraints of the modern age and the value of time is money. This has helped online university courses to become popular among the working professionals. Nowadays distance courses are also available in the online format. With the tremendous advancement of technology like the internet, students are getting plenty of opportunity in making the right choice of the required courses. Management degrees are gaining in popularity and this has proved to be very helpful in improving the career prospects of a growing number of technically qualified students. This will help them to make the next progression in their career.