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Internet And Network Marketing Education Max Steingart Vs. Tim Sales Review

We were recently introduced to Max Steingarts Endless Leads 4.0 Training Course by a leading internet and network marketing expert. While many are buying mlm leads or using expensive paid ads campaigns, Facebook and other social media make it easy to generate cheap mlm leads. Max’s method is refreshing, in that many online marketers and network marketers show few online “manners” and seem to have no clue about “relationship” selling. This article provides a review of what Max has to offer and its effectiveness vs. Tim Sales popular Professional Inviter training.

Max, as many know, bills himself as the Father of Social Media, due to the fact that he began using his current technique in the days of America Online. Max teaches basic skills he learned and perfected from such timeless classics as “How to Make Friends and Influence People,” first in the AOL environment and recently in social media such as Facebook and MySpace. Simply put, Maxs advice is to never expose or offer your network marketing business before a relationship exists. The focus is not on making a sale; rather if there is a sale that could be made. This is exactly parallel to what is taught in Tim Sales’ Professional Inviter to first find a prospect’s “need, want or desire” before making a “sales approach.”

So what about Maxs content? An understandable contrast is to primary mlm sales trainer Tim Sales, which makes the assessment fascinating. Though both are in network marketing, Tim has a much larger following and name recognition. After all, hes the creator of the very popular Brilliant Compensation video which makes the case for the viability of the network marketing industry. Robert Kiyosaki’s recent endorsement of the network marketing model is one of the only comparable works.

What is special about Max? On the surface, his training seems much more simplistic than the more academic approach used by Tim Sales. Perhaps this is more what is needed for true duplication of effort. In either case, specific methods, scripts, and approaches must be tailored on a case by case basis. We do think that the Max Method does truly reduce the amount of rejection encountered in the process. In Tims approach, the network marketing, or pyramid objection is addressed up front, which may actually raise it in cases where in may not have been present.

Another difference is that Maxs course is online vs. a CD set and has more extensive videos, which seem almost to be limitless. The sheer quantity of material has its advantages, although its easy to get bogged down, too!

Our favorite feature is the daily Ask Max sessions, which provide both a high repetition factor and an affordable “group” mentoring in real time. We dont know how long Max will be able to keep up this incredible pace, but we highly endorse his training for anyone that wants to learn from the innovative Father of Social Media, todays best strategies for generating cheap mlm leads. We also recommend Tim Sales training, but short of moving to Tampa and joining his team, he is much less accessible as a mentor.

Preparation by CBSE Based Online Tutorials Increase Knowledge and Marks

However, education can be achieved by a number of ways, but gaining education through the CBSE based online tutorials is like icing on the cake. Nowadays, CBSE online tutorials for classes IX to XII are considered as one of the most contemporary methods of gaining education by means of various interactive mediums such as TV, audio, etc.

Knowledge of various subjects such as mathematics, physics, biology and chemistry can be easily availed by the online tutorials of CBSE. These online tutorials apart from providing regular lessons also aim at infusing complete feeling of the real examination scenario in the students. And this can be achieved by conducting online mock tests on regular basis. Designed on the CBSE paper pattern and syllabus, these mock tests expose students towards their weaker areas and hence, give an opportunity to make timely improvements. Moreover, mock tests also help in improving the speed and completing question paper in a time span of 3 hours.

Few other noteworthy advantages of CBSE online tutorials are as follows:-

The quality education is imparted either by sending online course materials that contain audios and videos depending solely upon the convenience of an aspirant.

Because correspondence is done via internet therefore, all the queries get solved by the qualified professors within the stipulated time period.

Some prime coaching institutes aim at imparting the tutorial education through an interactive television programs on DTH platforms such as Dish TV and Tata sky. And for the greater convenience of the aspirants, repeated telecast of the particular program is shown ample times in a week.

However, some coaching institutes do charge a nominal enrollment fee for providing the course materials, but it is always worthwhile to spend a few pennies rather than not gaining education. It is a common misconception among students that these tutorials can be used only by those students who are unable to get an easy access to the campus education due to some unavoidable reasons. But this is not the truth; the story is other way round. Online tutorials of CBSE can be availed by school going students as well.

Because of the greater accessibility and plentiful benefits, online tutorials act as a boon for all those students appearing in the CBSE exams. Therefore, it can be said online tutorials are the best way of gaining quality education at the most cost-effective manner.

Register for Online CBSE tutorials at, provides tips and tricks to increase your knowledge and marks. Students can also refer to his friends for Online tutorials by Subjects and can win the prizes.

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Class Five And Six In Waldorf Education Hovering Near The Light

Maintaining their altitude up there in the blue, Class Five children are exploring the heavenly realms of historical myths this fall with Mr. Stopeck. Their study of a handful of ancient civilizations took flight a mere three weeks ago, with an introduction to early India, and Mr. Stopeck tells me that hell be piloting them through a gentle, year-long descent to earth. Having made the acquaintance of Vishnu, Brahma, and Shiva, up there in the Hindu pantheon, the class is now greeting the Buddha. From the heady realms of those Lords of heaven, the class finds its feet on the ground for a moment just long enough to learn the story of Siddhartha Gautama, the young prince who abandoned his youth of disengaged luxury to search out the source of human suffering.

With the Buddhas jewel of compassion in their hands, they are airborne again, on their guided tour of the human spirit, as seen through the eyes of those who came so long before us. Great mountain landscapes graced with elephants, and colour-filled, tight-focus portraits of lotus flowers, document the students work with these new experiences on the classroom walls. Mr. Stopeck tells me that there will be plenty of stop-overs before the grade five flight is over: ancient Persia, Babylon, Egypt, and Greece will be visited through this school year.

And speaking of new experiences of the heavenly, this teacher was obviously excited to report that his group has begun to master, in only three weeks of school, the playing of a five-page score of J.S. Bachs Jesu, Joy of Mans Desiring on their flutes. That should lift some tired spirits transiting the school corridors.

In complement to Gautama Buddhas story, and as a Michaelmas lesson, the class is reading together a book called Naya Nuki: Girl Who Ran, by Kenneth Thomasma. In it, an eleven-year-old Shoshoni girl is taken as a slave by enemies. Naya Nuki literally runs alone through the wilderness, for over a month, to find her people, and the home of her heart. Thus courage is added to compassion.

Up To New Tricks in Grade Six

Adolescent queens and kings? Pre-pubescent wild horses??? A dozen or so twelve-year-olds, many of them first-borns, who like to have their say, have their results immediately, and want attention now. Think about it. Where would you start with them? Heres Gus El-Moussas tale of engagement and learning with Sunrises current class of pre-teens.
In grade six, students get to live the 12 year change. One could say that the 9 year change amounts to: We now interrupt your regular childhood programming to bring you a brief message from adolescence, and that at about 14, children fully pass through the gate to adolescence and puberty.

In the middle, at 12, the newly pubescent child is in an interesting situation: she starts walking the path, but is not yet fully on it. Its a sensitive time in ones life. Just by being born into our culture with its frenetic speed and ubiquitous, self-referential noise, screens, and information, children tend to be pulled into the intellectual fast lane and towers of abstraction, and out of their bodies and innocent feeling lives. The Waldorf schools insistence that story, music, visual art, drama, and movement through Eurythmy, games, and outdoor adventure play an integrated role in education and are a remedy to this pull. Balance is sought in the childs growth and fluency in mind, heart/spirit, and body. As life becomes more complicated when children make their first real acquaintance with the challenges of adolescence, this balance is truly needed.

In the middle of all this is the adolescents authentic awakening into new awareness, and her/his genuine need to experiment with language and attitudes and engage others (i.e. get a reaction!). Class Six students repertoire in this area includes general naughtiness in word choice, cheekiness in manner, and pervasive arguing. Mr. El-Moussa says this last is one of his favourite things to do with his class at the moment: argue. His reasoning familiar to anyone connected to Waldorf ways is the following: as they develop, they need to argue, they need to explore arguing. How does the teacher best make use of this need to encourage the childrens growth, positive world-concept, and eventual freedom and responsibility? In this case, the answer is: they will get a dose of focused guidance in social skills and courtesy, and they will channel their obstreperousness into the form of disciplined team and individual debate.

– This article was written by a Sunrise Waldorf School parent for the Daybreak Monthly Newsletter which can be viewed online.

Cover All Your Bases With Distance Learning Degrees!

College students or would be college students looking at the possibilities distance learning programs offer will soon find out the opportunities are many. These programs have come a long way in a very short time. Where there once were only a few choices in the distance learning arena, there are now many.

Students seeking out distance learning programs should be certain the schools and universities they deal with have their proper accreditation. This is becoming much easier to achieve as more state universities and well known private institutions bring their brand of learning online. Still, it’s wise to check. It is also advised to make sure the individual degree program is accredited. A university might have accreditation, but its school of journalism, for example, might not.

Anyone looking at these programs will soon find it is now possible to earn any level of degree offered at institutions of higher learning. Programs common in distance learning include:

* Certifications. This is sort of the bread and butter of distance learning programs. Certification classes are common for almost every field imaginable. When there is a need to take a certain class for continued employment requirements or to open up doors for a new job, certification programs can generally be found to meet the needs. These range from medical classes and law enforcement certifications to computer science, education and beyond.

* Associates degrees. The variety of these “entry level” degrees available online from accredited schools is pretty amazing. Everything from computers and business to general study and beyond can be found. These degrees often work well for landing employment and they can also be fantastic stepping stones for advancing onto higher level degree programs.

* Bachelors programs. The variety of programs tends to narrow a bit by this level of degree program, but not much. The truth is many programs offered in person can now be found online. From criminal justice and education to computer science, business administration and even psychology, it is possible to find very good bachelor level distance learning programs.

* Doctorates degrees. Here is where the field really narrows. The most common doctorates programs offered online center on the business and finance fields. Other choices do exist, but with these programs, it is particularly vital to ensure accreditation is in order.

The types of distance learning programs available online will vary with each institution offering them. Some schools provide their full course schedule online; others only offer select programs.

When these programs are selected, it is important for students to check into accreditation and also to be prepared for some work. While the classes do take place online, they are real college-level classes. This means reading, and a lot of it. It also means tests, reports, research and more.

Distance learning programs can open doors for all manner of degree programs. Whether a student is seeking certification in a particular area or they want to go on for a doctorates degree, many programs can be found online, making it easier for students to obtain the education they desire.

Negative Sides Of Online Education And The Remedies

Online education is just the way you had yearned for to undertake a systematic learning process of your choice. You can simply surpass the hurdles of attending scheduled classes in a stereotype way and make up your personal setup as per your routine to pursue a course. You can rightly get college degrees through online education sitting back at home. Where lies the problem? Everything fits into the lifestyle you want to lead by giving you the privilege to go for higher education. Actually this is not all. It represents only one side of the coin. Though online education or E-learning process have made a benchmark in the field of education as well as professional world yet the acceptance of such degrees still have to undergo an acid test. There are many pitfalls in the system and a throughout recognition to the online degrees in the professional scenario is yet to be attained. Things you must make sure Most fall into the trap of fake degrees in the name of online education. This is a common mistake and those who claim that they are providing you a genuine degree can fool you very easily. Thus it is your foremost duty to find out the authenticity of the degree being provided in the online education system from the right sources. The process is not very tough and you can also check the credentials from your home through the different supporting links provided in the web medium. The panel that will conduct the interview always scrutinizes online degrees of any form. The whole issue is related to the affiliation or accreditation of the course to a university or distinctive school. Now you may find that the degrees on offer are accredited to some agencies of educational institutes. And here lies the trap. After seeing the accreditation you firmly rely on the genuineness of the course and get ready to enroll and invest on it. But you don’t have the slightest idea that the agency can be a fake one. Most of the times it actually happens to be so. Thus at the end of the day you land up to a fake degree that is a complete wastage of time, money and effort. You can never expect to get a proper placement with such a degree in your educational record. Unless you make yourself fully assured about the validity and legitimacy of the accreditation matter you must not opt for such an online course. You can anytime fall into a false position and then you won’t be given a second chance to retreat.