Biochrom WPA Spectrophotometers & Colorimeters – Complete Education-Range For Students

Biochrom has done it again! It has come up with its series of WPA colorimeters and spectrophotometers. These are education-range products, great for teaching students about the laboratory equipment. For example, universities can use CO7500 colorimeter to teach about colorimetry to students.

More About CO7500-

The CO7500 model features LCD display with push-button controls for a clear viewing experience. It is fitted with 8 filters inside the filter wheel of the colorimeter. This arrangement reduces the risk of damage and the combination of several filters extends the visible spectrum amazingly.

This model has the ability to take measurements in per cent or absorbance transmission modes. There is a kinetics mode which lets the reading to be updated automatically every second. You can get the readings from CO7500 on analogue chart recorder, or download it on a PC.

Other Products-

Some of the other products in the WPA category include the S1200 spectrawave visible spectrophotometer, the S800 visible spectrophotometer, the Biowave II UV, the Lightwave II UV model, the CO7000 medical colorimeter, the CO8000 Cell Density Meter, and more.

Nowadays, digital colorimeters are used in various fields like clinical diagnostics, biochemistry, environmental testing, and pharmaceutical analysis. The portable colorimeters are great for on-site analyses. With the fast pace in education, the instruments also need to keep in par with the modern education system.

Spectrophotometers and laboratory colorimeters are used to know the concentration of a solute in a sample. Because of the fact that solute concentration is proportional to its absorbance, it’s important that the colorimeter possesses a wavelength filter. The colorimeter transmits the light in equal proportion to that absorbed by the solute sample.

If you wish data handling ability, the WPA S800 visible spectrophotometer is the ideal choice. It features Grafico utility software, plus interface cable that helps you download data to the PC. This model has the capacity to show a wavelength scan ranging from 330 to 800 nm when connected to the computer. It also comes with a user manual that provides an excellent opportunity for students to conduct experiments. In fact, this model is regarded as ideal for advanced spectrophotometry studies.

You can find almost similar features in the S1200 spectrophotometers. They give a splendid graphical display and possess the ability to record user-programmed techniques.

Salient Feature Of WPA Range Of Instruments

This range of instruments possesses spectacular technology that envisions the future of research and provides a great study tool for educational purpose. Most of these instruments have the power to endure rigorous teaching hours and practice sessions by students. The equipment is available in main as well as battery configuration. They are able to give the users a satisfying experience in taking samples and conducting studies.

Biochrom has not only come up with the WPA range of instruments, but also has accessories and spare lamps for these technological wonders. The idea is to make studies in this field a highly productive one for students as well as professors.

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