Gemstone for academic success

Gemstones for Academic Succccess By Dr.Jayant G.Kulkarni

Know a nation by behavior and mentality of its students. Their cultural pattern reflects future of the national development and prosperity. Their methodology, efforts and achievement in any field can be useful in predicting next generation growth of that entire country. In fact, they are torch-bearers of the present, who will carry forward it to the future. Qualitative growth is basic criteria for youths now-a-days. Earlier perception and assumption of policymakers won’t work in today’s fast growing economy. A deliberate and conscious effort by governments is required. So that today’s youth ,without wasting it’s energy due to confusion, can be led to much brighter academic success .They are entitled for it . Basic Qualities for Academic success For academic success, a student requires 4 basic qualities, which we can call 4C’s.

They are:- Confidence Concentration Consistency Class (Ambition)

An academic success is achieved only when an ambitious student consistently, inspite of failure and fatigue, concentrate on studies with confidence. These attributes can be achieved by proper application of Gemstones or crystals. Wear anyone of them as per your requirement.

Confidence Due to their elemental structure following gemstones provide vital energy to the body. This energy boosts confidence, natural way .Only you have to wear gemstone in form of ring, or talisman .Most of the time, it should be on your body for maximum effect. 1)Agate-Red, Green, Black(all) (keep in a pouch and wear around neck) 2)Ruby-This gemstone of red colour, should be worn on the left side ring finger for best Results. In fact, it is the stone which can be called as CAREER stone 3)Tourmaline-Red, Green and Black (all) (Make talisman and wear around neck) 4) Rose Quartz 5) Lapis lazuli

Concentration Following gemstones provide energy to the brain ,so that absorption of study matter is Get faster by undivided attention, 1)Green tourmaline (Should be worn in right hand, little finger, in silver) 2)Carnelian+Hamatite (use in combination. Wear around neck) 3)Ruby-This gemstone of red color, should be worn on the left side ring finger for Best Results 4)Jasper Red- This gemstone works favorably on entire body, especially digestive System, making brain fully alert for grasping. 5)Emerald- This gemstone can be rightfully renamed as Knowledge stone because it contains color of the nature, the green.

Consistency Our brain tend to forget facts ,if studies and observation of specific nature are discontinued for a longer time. To get grip on the subject, consistent study is necessary. Gemstones enumerated below does not let you down by lethargy or fatigue whether it is physically or mentally. 1)Ametrine- It is 2-in-1 gemstone combining health attributes for better mind and body i.e., Amethyst and Citrine 2)Carnelian-This red gemstone creates competitive spirit to zoom ahead with constant efforts 3)Ruby 4)Turquoise-This blue green stone is a major gland healer. It controls mood swings and Stabilizes mind. 4)Smokey quartz-It is blackish transparent stone and a major anti depressant. 5)Jade- This green stone having very good effect to ward off laziness, also cures and prevent kidney related ailments.

Class (Ambition) A greater mental force is a major requirement in each and every pursuit of life for achievements i.e., Ambition to excel and succeed. Following gemstones fuel them in a greater way. One of their side-effect is self-respect and developing ego, which is very necessary for passion and tremendous will-power.

1)Ruby 2)Carnelian 3) Clear quartz- This cure-all crystal makes one passionate for perfection. ————————————————-