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Environmental Education Guide In Construction Industry

The promotion of Environmental Education in a certain construction industry is very relevant and must be participated by all the workers in the job site. This is an endeavor that must be taken up so that it will help deliver information to everybody in the site about how to minimize the damage brought upon the construction industry to the environment.

What is the meaning of Environmental Education? From the root words environment and education, you can understand freely how Environmental Education would like to explain. It is simply developing awareness and inculcating consciousness to the people about the environment so we could have more ideas of how we could help preserve it, protect it and enhance our participation in promoting all means of positive ways that could benefit us and our environment. Thus, Environmental Education is a process which could instill to each and every human who will be continuing this learning up to the future.

All the workers in the construction site will be given the chance to participate and interact in the Environmental Education. There will be no exemptions because no one is going to have immunity in the environment’s unpredictable fall back to the humans. He may be the top official or the lowest employee. The fundamental aim of the Environmental Education in construction industry is to offer added information to the contractors about the various environmental issues. Moreover, through this, construction companies would be more familiar with the current Environmental Legislation, as what the Australian Federal Government has, by initiating environmental compliance. Thus, everybody in the construction company shall become an environment literate worker. Therefore, there will be anticipation for the creation of sense of Environmental Responsibility in each worker in the worksite.

How to accomplish it? Environmental Education in the construction industry will never be successful if not everyone will cooperate and see the real purpose in it. The two must be considered:

– First, in the work site, there must be an educator (whether contractors, environmentalists, trainers) who will play a vital role in introducing and in giving guidelines in promoting the environmental education which must be achieved according to its objective. They will be the role models of the workers in implementing rules if there will be any. Furthermore, the teacher must have non-obsolete updates about the present happenings pertaining to the environment so as to relate with the workers in pushing through activities which could promote in saving the environment. In conclusion, Construction Environmental Management Plan and Environmental Education are synchronized with each other.

– Secondly, the workers are the major components in the process of learning regarding with the Environmental Education. They are the ones who need help in enhancing environmental responsibility to be good stewards in taking good care of the environment. However, to make the process more effective, everyone must participate and contribute in achieving the goal. Everybody must agree what they have promulgated upon the Environmental Education session.